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Our Free Photographs


As if having gorgeous cars at your wedding was not amazing in itself there’s more!!

(A bit wordy below, but here is an explanation (especially for photographers 🙂 of why Mark takes some photos at your wedding. 

We take free photographs at your wedding *(conditions apply) Now before you think great I don’t need a professional photographer, well sorry you do. We liken the pictures he captures to the same as something a guest could take. Yes we have a full frame pro camera with pro lenses because Mark enjoys taking photos and likes the high quality of the images this equipment brings. He is not there to take your official pictures.

“You’re just a frustrated photographer!” No he’s really not, he will never do photos full time. We have taken photos at weddings since we first started our wedding car business. Why?… well it’s simple. Copyright free images for promoting our company. ALL the photos on this website and Facebook are ours. We captured them all so we can use them how we wish (with the couple’s permission obviously). He also takes pictures for fellow suppliers on the day including flowers, the suits and dress. Even the photographer or videographer doing their jobs. No one ever gets shots of themselves working.

“Car drivers at weddings are renowned for just standing around, after all they are just drivers right?” We are not just drivers, have a peek at our service page to understand what I mean. Once we have got you to your venue Mark is able to take snaps that sometimes your official photographer cant ie: they are not physically there. We also find that people relax more if they are occupied so the camera and banter can produce a calming effect. Giving away one of our secrets now but we can get flapping bridesmaids out of the house really easily using the excuse to have a photo. 

“So how many pictures do you take?” Well there is no limit. Just depends on the day and dare we say it, your official photographer and how they are driving the day. It could be from 20 to 900+ If it’s a wet wedding we hardly take any as we are busy keeping the brides dress off the floor and heads covered with brollies.

“Can I use your photos in my album?” Yes, there is no copyright on our images if used by the couple. We are just made up if you like a couple of them. The pictures are taken in the RAW format so your photographer is more than welcome to have ANY images of ours. At the end of the day we want everything to go well at your wedding. If Mark captures that one photo that was missed or was spur of the moment then that’s a bonus in itself.

We send you a DVD with the images on after your wedding FREE OF CHARGE 🙂

Pictures of Mark at weddings with his camera.