Our Service

Our Service, Why it’s different

Unlike other companies that provide cars with drivers, who will get you to your destination, that’s all they do. That’s totally fine as this is what you are paying them for… to just drive. 

Yes we are drivers too, but drivers with a huge difference. 

Wouldn’t it be great though if you had someone at the wedding looking out for you. A person you could turn to if there is a problem. Well with Classic Bridal Cars you can. We liken ourselves to wedding coordinators, there for any eventuality or problem. Be it a button that has come off the groom’s waistcoat, to mud on the bridesmaids shoes. We work with photographers and videographers, whether it’s carrying kit or watching equipment, ushering people or just assisting in any way required.

All our cars have a lifesaving box of tricks on board. Inside these we have things such as hairspray, first aid supplies, nail glue, eyelash glue, safety pins, sewing kits, painkillers and Imodium, scissors, mirrors, spare confetti, deodorant, wet wipes, tissues, sellotape, pens, etc etc Its amazing how much we have to re stock after most weddings. Small things that may seem trivial to read about now, but on your day they can become a huge issue. We have saved many a wedding as the pictures show below. From sewing a ripped wedding dress (story here) to repairing an usher’s split trousers. Saving the brides dress from a nosebleed from her child (story here) to medical emergencies and people needing bottled water.

As well as having these items that may save the day we also have the experience to solve issues too. We saved the day when the organist failed to turn up (story here). We understand the timings and logistics at weddings plus all the situations that may happen and could cause you and your guest’s problems. We find at weddings the biggest issues are poor communication and people have no idea what’s expected of them. Your ushers might be great blokes but will they be asking guests to go inside the church before the bride arrives? Simple stuff like this we can help with. We have yet to meet a bride who wants the surprise of the dress and the grand entrance spoiling.

We have two way radios in our cars so that we are able to liaise with your photographer and videographer and enable them to capture the cars and bridal party arriving etc. If need be myself or the other driver will physically go and find them to tell them the car is around the corner. Again, reading this now you may think this does not sound like a big issue but it will be after the event if you don’t get the photos or footage you were expecting.

All of these things we do for free.

Hopefully nothing will go wrong on your special day, but wouldn’t it be great if you had a backup plan just in case?

Classic Bridal Cars… more than just drivers.