Aww feel really bad. Just had a bride who contacted us 6 months ago call to the house. “I was just passing and thought I should come and pay a deposit on the car’s” Her date went 2 months ago, she was devastated! Unfortionatly we can’t hold any cars without […]

Get a wiggle on :)

As much as I like taking my own photos at weddings (to avoid copyright), its great to get the odd image from the official professional photographer on the day. Here is a snap from Pete and Cath Prescot – Devlin from CDP Film.  “Have this one on me mate” Well thank you sir […]

Pictures from photographers

What an eventful day! My last minute .com wedding was deffo eventful. I had to sew the strap back on to the bridesmaids dress then I had to sew the button loop on the brides dress. Got to the church and the “Official” photographers camera had run out of battery […]

Stitch in time!!

See all our customers jump for joy with the service we give them 🙂  Just editing Michael and Christopher’s free wedding photos we supply and found this one… can you tell they are dancers. Really great guys, we had such a laugh and a fun day. The other plus being I […]

Jump for joy

“Im lovin it!” Well its usually the bride that says I need the loo but todays groom Dan left his gorgeous new wife Caroline in the car while he nipped into Mcdonalds Upton for a wee. We did have the long drive to Peckforton Castle where the wedding reception was […]

“Im lovin it!”

Received a really great feedback from Jemma one of our brides. Its so nice to be told you are doing stuff right 🙂 Hello lovely!!!!!  Well what can I say, not only are your car’s stunning, your service, knowledge and experience amazing but the pictures we have received from you […]

Great feedback from our customers

Again some great feedback but with an extra twist. Just loved this album of coloured “Bentleys” done by the kids. Was close to tears getting this. Only because some had coloured outside of the lines, they are forgiven though. What a lovely thing to do. I love my job x […]

School wedding day