Get a wiggle on :)

Aww feel really bad. Just had a bride who contacted us 6 months ago call to the house. “I was just passing and thought I should come and pay a deposit on the car’s” Her date went 2 months ago, she was devastated! Unfortionatly we can’t hold any cars without a deposit. The reason I have posted this (as this happens regularly on the phone). You should never presume that no one else will not want your date. If you have been in touch and you seriously want our cars then please get in touch. At least I can make a note in the diary. If you just ask for a quote then disappear into the mist I don’t know how keen or serious you are. I know as I type this I have at least 6 brides in my Facebook chat that will end up losing their date if they don’t book soon. Dare I say it brides who don’t have children to buy for at Christmas will take those dates. We see this every year sadly. Great for us but not for you couples who have set your heart on the cars, photos and baby Bentley. We don’t do hard sell but we have to remind some to get a wiggle on lolfully-booked