Stitch in time!!

What an eventful day! My last minute .com wedding was deffo eventful. I had to sew the strap back on to the bridesmaids dress then I had to sew the button loop on the brides dress. Got to the church and the “Official” photographers camera had run out of battery and he had forgotten his spare or charger so I did all the wedding pictures!!! My halo is still shining but its flippin stressful. Had a great day though Emma and Darel where a really nice couple and after a disastrous wedding in the Czech Republic where they were married unofficially due to the bride’s birth certificate being stolen, I had to pull the stops out so the UK wedding was not a repeat so did my thing 🙂 Stitch in time                 The bride even took a picture with my camera of me sat on the floor in her lounge sewing her dress ha ha What’s it they say? Stitch in time saves nine