Photographers!!! We are here to help not hinder :)

Photographers please note, when you don’t see behind you we are looking after your kit! Here is Jane watching no one bumps into the camera 🙂 At Soughton Hall a few weeks ago the photographer kept leaving an expensive lens on the floor. Jane was constantly standing next to it so no one stood on it. She could not hold it coz she had bottles of drink in her hands so they were not on pictures. I was on traffic duty guiding cars around the set up group so the photos were not stopped. In Liverpool a photographer who would not even give me the time of day soon changed his tune when he saw I was stood guarding his large open kit bag with camera bodies, media cards and lenses in a busy street surrounded by public. You togs may not “get us” and the things we do but we are their to help in anyway we can. We do this not just for you but OUR CUSTOMERS. Its their day and we do our utmost to make it perfect. Be that holding the ladder, holding the flash brolly in the wind, we are team players and are more than just drivers so please cut us some slack lol 🙂 


Wed Pic-159

9 oct 15

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